My Favourite Toddler Day Trips- Gloucestershire

As I've mentioned in post before mine and Arthur day trip out is always on a Tuesday. This the day of the week where he doesn't have nursery (Thursday and Friday morning) and we don't have any classes (Monday playgroup and Wednesday swimming). So in a Tuesday we will usually always go on a day trip.

We're very fortunate where we live in Cheltenham, there are so many places to take toddlers and I now feel 2 years in that we've found our favourites that we will continue to keep going back to. Obviously this will change with this age. But certainly pre-school, these are all a fantastic day out.

So I'll start with where I have memberships:


Slimbridge Wetlands Centre I've had an annual pass since Arthur turned one, so well over a year now. I pay £5 a month for an annual pass for me, Jon and Arthur, so very good value for money. And Arthur adores it there, these so much to see and do. They've build this amazing 'wellyboat land' where children can run around in the stream and watch their boats float. In the summer, I literally take Arthur in his swim gear and he's splashes about for hours. In the winter aslong as you've got your waterproofs on and wellies you can have just as much fun. There's a small indoor softplay which Arthur also really enjoys and you can look at frogs and other insects inside too.


My tips for Slimbridge would be to always take a towel and spare pair of clothes and socks. Arthur always manages to get wet through even with waterproofs on. And in the summer, it's nice to dry them off and get them in fresh clothes for the drive home.

Sudeley Castle this is a new annual pass for me this month. We've been a few times and Arthur really enjoys it, so for an individual ticket is £15, but for a 12 months pass it's £28, so you only need to go twice which I've already done to make your money's worth. It's a lovely place to walk around with beautiful gardens. There a huge child's fort and play area which is Arthur's favourite part. They also do lots of events through the year, like jousting at Easter which was fab! It's a beautiful place for a picnic, because it's only up the road from me in the summer I'll definitely be taking Arthur and the baby up on a nice day and just going for a picnic and run about.


Cotswold Farm Park this is one of our favourite days out, but we don't do it very often. I think I went 4 times with Arthur last year, we've been once this year already, but I'll probably wait until the baby is a few weeks old to go again. 


It is a lovely day out, being able to up close with all the animals is just amazing and Arthur really enjoyed the lamb feeding this year as well. It is a bit more of an expensive day out at £12 per adult and £8 per toddler (over 2, but under 4). But you do get a lot for your money, there's a huge amount farm animals to see. There's a tractor ride that takes you round the fields to see all the larger animals. There's an indoor play area, lots of outdoor play areas and lots of little tractor cars to ride round on.

I'm really looking forward to going with Arthur and the baby, because a lot of it Arthur can do on his own with me by my side. There's not lots of giant climbing frames or places he can run off too. It's a lovely day out for all the family, I always have a great day!


Cattle Country this is another lovely day out for all the family. There is so much to do here we never get round eveything. There's loads of farm animals to meet and when we last went there was also bottle feeding for the lambs. There's a huge amount of indoor and outdoor play area. We've never done the indoor softplay because he's always been nice weather whenever we've gone, but I've had a look inside and it's a ginormous soft play. Outside there lots of parks and an enormous fort with lots of slides coming of it. There is a tractor ride which you have to pay an extra £1 per adult, well worth it because Arthur loves being on the back of a tractor and you get to go round and meet all the cattle.

It is a bit cheaper taken Cotswold farm park at £10 per adult and £8 per toddler. But you do have to pay extra to go on the tractor ride, so it's works out about even. The one thing I prefer about cattle country to Cotswold farm park is is a lot bigger, so even in peak times you don't really notice because there's so much going on and different places to be. But the only problem I have now, is I couldn't go by myself with a toddler and baby. There so many activities that Arthur needs my help with to climb up and there's a lot of places Arthur could just run off too. But with two older children you'd be fine, or if I went with another adult I'd also be fine. Ive been twice with Arthur and it's a great day out,  I know we'll go back with Jon at some point so I have extra help.

Prinknash Bird and Deer Park this a gorgeous morning out, I don't think you could spend a whole day here as it's quite small, but it is wonderful. It's £8 a toddler and £9 an adult, and well worth the money I think. It's very easy for toddler to walk around the whole thing as it's not that large. There's of different deer and raindeers to see, then there's so goats and loads of different types of birds to see.


My favourite bit at Prinknash is feeding the deer, they literally feed straight out of your hand. And the gorgeous two storey Wendy house. Arthur loves going in and out of this house, it's got gorgeous little stairs up to the top room and for toddlers and young children it's so special. It's a lovely morning out and they've eveything look so magical.

Rococo Garden is a lovely morning out in woods/gardens, it's very magical with all the little dens for children and giant swings hanging from trees. The only thing I will say about this is it's a long walk and quite hilly, so if your toddler won't walk- like Arthur. You can end up pushing a 2 and a half stone Toddler up some pretty steep hills. 


But Arthur did really enjoy look round all the gardens and see the little hidden treasures you can find. There's even a little tea party set up in one of the wicker huts for them to find. It's very sweet! It's £7.50 per child so it expensive at all. But you need another adult with you really if your toddler won't walk, just to take in turn all the pushing. I definitely wouldn't be able to go by myself with a toddler and baby, I think all the pushing would kill me. But if you have a young child or if your toddler will walk for long a length of time, it wouldn't definitely be worth going.

Sandford Parks Lido we are so lucky where we live to have outdoor lido swimming pool. It was honestly one of my favourites days out with Arthur last year. The heated pool temperature is usually about 27 degrees, so even if it's not boiling hot outside, the pool is still warm. The toddler pool is really shallow and goes up to Arthur's waist, so last year when Arthur could swim by himself it was great. This year now he can paddle by himself (with a float jacket) I'm sure he's going to love it even more. There's a baby pool which is very shallow so babies can sit on the floor and splash about. Then there's a slide that goes into the toddler pool as well. I am so excited to take Arthur back again this year, I just know he's going to love it. I'm hoping that I can try and do it with the baby and Arthur by myself. I've a got a floating seat for the baby, and as long as Arthur has his swimming jacket on, he'll be quite confident getting in and out of the pool.

It's a gorgeous day out, as long as it's not cold or windy, it doesn't even matter if it's overcast because the water will sill be so warm.


Jet Age Museum this is a lovely morning out. Arthur absolutely loves looking round all the different planes and a couple of them you're allowed to sit in as well. It's a real boys paradise! You don't have to pay to get in, all they ask for is a contribution as all their staff are volunteer and often they've had a career with planes. It's all beautifully restored and a real nice couple of hours spent walking round and looking at everything.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's given you a few ideas of where to take your toddler next. It's hard entertaining your toddler, but I always find 'if i doubt get out', Arthur hates being stuck inside all day and even a 30 minute trip to the park can change his and mine moods instantly.