My Old Cath Kidston Changing Bag Vs My New Cath Kidston Changing Bag

I knew I needed a new changing bag to have for this baby and Arthur's toddler bits. But I was really indicicive about what style of baby I wanted. I originally thought I'd like a backpack but then quickly changed my mind when I realised it may not be as easy to hang on the pushchair and also I didn't really see any styles I liked.

So I went back to trusty Cath Kidston and had a look at their new styles. They had my current Changing Bag but just in a different colour way which you can see in the picture above, but I kind of wanted something different when I saw this Button Spot smart nappy bag 
which I instantly feel in love with. So it's get comparing (I've emptied my current changing bag for this post).


I'd just firstly like to point out my old changing bag has been everyday for over two years old, and it looking a little worse for wear, but she's done me and been a very good changing bag.

As you'll see they're a similar shape and size the old one is a little more rectangular and the new one is a little more square. But overall very similar in size.


The old ones has two magnetic fastened pockets at the front which I have found my useful. In my last what's in my change bag post (here) you would have seen that I used to keep all my essentials in those pockets. So car keys, house keys, Lip Balm, lip stick, phone. Eveythjng that id need quick access for myself.


Then inside it has one large zip up section with a small zip pocket as well. In the zip pocket I kept other things for me like a glasses cleaning set, nail file, hand cream, plasters, sun glasses. Things that I didn't need all the time, but had to be my bag somewhere. 

In the large area, well this changed with Arthur's age, it started off with always having a change of clothes when he was a baby, loads of muslins and bibs. But now I usually just carry a small toy and book for him as distractions. Lots of snacks, his water bottle and his blanket. Then I've always kept his red book in this bag, my purse and also a small hairbrush.


The bag came with this little zip up clutch, which when Arthur was a baby it was really useful, I used to use it as a wash bag. So all his dirty clothes and bibs used to go in here. Then I'd take them out at the end of everyday and replace them. But as Arthur's got older it's been used more as a rubbish bin, for all his empty food packets, used snotty wet wipes and other rubbish you get with toddlers. But I've always carried it with me because it is useful to have.


Then the back pocket up zips and it has two pockets which I've always kept baby wipes and nappy sacks one side and nappies and nappy cream on the other. This part of the bag for me is such a great design.


It has the detachable changing mat, which is just attached with Velcro. So you can remove it and carry it separately to the baby changing room holding just your nappy and wipes. Or what I generally do, is lay it out as it is, out Arthur's head by the pocket end and get things out as I need them. Fold the changing mat back up and then zip up the bag. But it just depends on how you like the change your baby.

Overall this bag has been a great baby changing bag. I've never had any issues with it's size or not having enough pockets. For me it's very well designed and thought out. I love the way it looks and I like that I could buy a matching purse to go with it. This was the first thing we brought when we found out I was pregnant with Arthur. So many people said but what's if it's a boy- firstly it's red, I wouldn't class that as a girly or boyish colour. Secondly it's my changing bag, that I carry and wear, and occasionally Jon will take it out. It has to be a bag that I loved, not down to the baby's gender.


Then the new bag, I'm not being hypocritical by buying a navy bag this time because I'm having another boy. This was actually just the colour that I really liked. I think it looks very classic and classy.


So this bag just has one flat magnetic fastening pocket at the front. I've checked it can still fit my essentials, phone, keys, Lip Balm and eveythjng fits in nicely which is great.


Again it has one large zip up section with a small
Zip pocket inside as well. I will probably just transfer my other bits straight into the small zip pocket. Then to begin with I'll pack this middle section eveythjng I'd need for the baby and Arthur (I am going to do a what's in my changing bag, but a few weeks after the baby's born so you'll have a real account of what I carry around with two children) so a change of clothes of the baby, muslins, bibs, dummy if we use one and entertainment for Arthur.


Then what really drew me to this bag is that it comes with these two pouches that can go inside or outside the bag. The pouches comes with some special clips so you can clip these two pouches onto your pushchair for easy access. Or you can also just store them inside the main pocket of the bag depending on how much more you have to carry.


As you can see from the picture on the website, with the two clip straps, you can just attach the pouches the either side of the pushchair so you can get quick access to both of them. I think this is such a great idea, especially as what you store in these bags are probably what you use your changing bag for most. It's a very similar system to the Pacapod changing bags. Which all come with pods to go inside or to hang on the pram but for half the price and in my opinion Cath Kidston has the better look bag.


So one of the pouches is to keep all your nappy equipment. I've just put Arthur's nappies one side and newborn baby's for the baby on the otherside at the moment. I like the fact I can nip to the baby changing area just holding this bag and the changing mat with two children and not constantly having to carry the heavy changing bag as well.


Then the second pouch is for storing food, snacks or a bottle. I think this is genius, whenever me and Arthur go a bag day out I always take a lunch bag with me for mine and his lunch. But with this pouch I can keep this
separate and his food, snacks and water bottle in there at all times. 


Then lastly at the back of the bag it had a zipped pocket with a changing mat inside it. I'm undecided whether I prefer this design or the old design where the changing mat fold out attached to the bag. But I guess with this design of bag I only need to take the changing mat out and carry the nappy pouch with me to the baby changing area, so I suppose it does make sense that it doesn't attach to the bag. This zip pocket is also quite wide even once the changing mat is in there so when you child was older and you only need to carry a couple of nappies, you could defiantly just not use the pouch anymore and just out ten two nappies and wipes in that area of the bag. But for now I think I'm going to store Arthur's and the baby's red books in the section of the bag with the changing mat.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's given you a good review of both styles of changing bags. Obviously I'm not currently using my new changing bag and I don't know what it will be like practically to use with two children. But from testing it out with packing bits inside I think it will have more than enough room and I'm excited to use it.