Nursery Organisation Tour

Now that the nursery is all finished, I've really enjoyed playing around with how I'm going to organise eveythjng within it. I kind of knew what worked from Arthur's nursery anyway, but it's been fun getting eveythjng ready again this time round. You can see how I organised Arthur's old Nursery here.

So in the baby's room he has his wardrobe and 3 draw changing table. I'll start off in the changing table.


So in the first draw I have burb cloths, muslin cloths, nappy cream, teetha, dummies, calpol, nappy sacks, a hair brush, water wipes and size 1 nappies. If you go into Arthur's top drawer you'll see it has a very similar layout to this even now, just without the burb cloths and muslins.


In the second drawer I have all his freshly washed and folded sleepsuits and bodysuits. Going from newborn on the left, to 0-3 months in the middle, then 3-6 months on the right. Obviously we've been very fortunate and not had to buy many clothes for the baby at all, but I have still treated him to few new nice bits, just so they're his. But to be honest, Arthur grew out of his clothes so quickly, eveything looks brand new!

Then in the third drawer I have blankets and swaddle blankets. Then all his 3-6 months clothes. At the back I have his shorts, leggings then long sleeved bodysuits. And at the front I have his rompers and short sleeved tops/bodysuits. These will eventually get hung up in his wardrobe but at the moment there's just no room for them.


In his wardrobe I've hung his clothes, using the Grohangers which I used with Arthur and they're amazing. You can adjust the size of the hangers as their clothes get larger. All the way up to and adults size hanger, they're brilliant! Then underneath I brought these 3 medium size striped baskets from Dunelm. They fit perfectly on the shelve and so useful for storage.


So hanging up from left to right I have his newborn outfits, 0-3 months outfits then 3-6 months outfits. As you'll see we really haven't gone over board on clothes. They grow out of them so quickly and babys look so cute just in a babygrow anyway, they really don't need 'clothes' as such.

Then in the left baskets I've got all his hats and bibs. I have got so many hats it's unreal, it seems evey baby grow comes with a hat. But I don't think we hardly used any with Arthur. 

In the middle basket I put all his knitted cardigans. I was was very kindly made lots of knitted cardigan with Arthur, that just look so cute when they're a newborn, so I look forward to dressing the baby in them.

Then finally in the last baskets I have all his socks and booties. I don't think you can ever have too many socks, they get lost so quickly and as soon as Arthur was about 5 months, he used to tug on them and pull them off all the time. So have spares is brilliant. I find the socks from JoJo Maman Bebe always stayed on the longest, they're quite thick so it's hard to pull them off.


Then on the bottom shelf I have 3 sleeping bags, all different sizes and togs. And then all his blankets. Some muslin blankets, some pram blankets and some snugly blankets. I don't think you can ever have too many blankets with a baby. I remember with Arthur I used them for eveything, as a blanket to keep him warm, as a breastfeeding cover up, as something to lye on in the garden or at someone's house. Endless of uses and essential.

I hope you've enjoyed looking round the baby's nursery and seeing how I organise everything. I remember when I first did Arthur's room everyone said to me 'oh it won't stay like that for long', well I completely disagree, Arthur's room is still as organised as this even now. I put all his clothes away, so only I decide how organised it's going to be. I think it's an OCD thing with me, I like to know where eveything of Arthur's is at one time. And if it's not in the washing machine or basket, then it should be in its place.