Outgrown Baby Clothes Organisation Tips

I've been incredible lucky and not had to buy many clothes at all for this baby. All of Arthur's old clothes are in such good condition they look brand new. But I think this is due to the way I organised Arthur's old clothes from day one.


Here's a few tips I've learnt along the way that have really help:

  • Whenever I pack away any of Arthur clothes that don't fit him anymore, I always make sure they've just been through the washing machine first. This way I know they're nice and clean and can be folded away easily smelling fresh.

  • I check each item of clothing for a few things, does it have any stains, bobbles or holes? If it has any of these it goes straight in the charity bag for them to either sell or put in their rag bag. 

  • I always store the same size clothes together. This way they're nice and organised for when they come out of the box again. 
  • I also store all his summer clothes separately in one box and winter clothes in another. Again just so it's easy to organise when I need them next.
  • With his outgrown shoes, I try to run them through the wash machine first. Then put them in the original boxes if I can. This way hopefully my next little boy will also be able to get some wear out of them. We've been very lucky that Arthur has grown out of all of his shoes so quickly, none of them have had to end up straight in the ben yet.

  • I store all his old clothes in clear, labelled, plastic boxes in the loft. I make sure they're labelled so I know what size they are and roughly what's in the box i.e aged 12-18 months summer clothes, so I know all his t-shirts and shorts will be in there.

  • This way whenever I unbox any of Arthur's old clothes they look brand new and in perfect condition for the next baby. So I've saved a fortune being organised from the start. Obviously we never knew if we would ever have another boy, but I'd like to think if we weren't having another boy, I could sell Arthur's old clothes on quite easily.

Organising clothes is a real pain, but if you get it right, it will save you a fortune and well worth it, especially if you have two of the smart gender of course.

I hope this has given you some tips and tricks to keep your children's clothes nice for the next child.