Swaddle, sleeping bag, blankets or duvet?

I don't know about anyone else but when Arthur was born I was constantly worried about what he should sleep in. Should I swaddle him, should I put him in a sleeping bag, or is too warm? Or should I just use a blanket, but what if he pulls it over his face. The worries were endless.


For Arthur's first week we attempted to swaddle him each night using the Groswaddle swaddle blankets swaddle blanket. But within 10 minutes of Arthur being asleep he would poke his arms out, as he always liked to sleep with his hands next to his head.

So we then moved onto just using a blanket with him, making sure we tucked the blanket in under his arms and around him so it wouldn't go over his face. We also only used cellular blankets just incase, you all know my love for the The White Company cellular blankets, for me these are just the best and softest cellular blankets on the market. Over the summer months this worked really well, Arthur would stay cool when it was hot and we could double up the blankets when it was a bit chilly.


But moving into the winter months it was too cold to just have a blanket over him, so we moved onto a sleeping bag. We went and brought the JoJo Maman Bebe 3 in 1 sleeping bags so we could use the 1.5 tog sleeping bag in the Autumn then add the second 1 tog sleeping bag when it got really cold in the winter. This in theory would have worked really well. But Arthur absolutely hated wearing a sleeping bag. He would try to kick and kick his way out of it. He would even get upset when we put in on him, so after trying this out for a month we knew it was just not for Arthur. So we went back to a thicker blanket, just smoking sure it was always tucked in very well.

Then at 10 months so in January 2016, Arthur was really unwell with a cold, so ended up sleeping in with me for a couple of nights on my pillow with a duvet. Then when I went to the doctor he said to stop Arthur being so congested we should put something under Arthur's mattress to give him a bit more of an angle so he wasn't so flat, or to give him a pillow to sleep on.


So we went with a pillow, he slept really well on it. It also managed to stop him moving around so much, it was like he knew where the head of the bed was with the pillow. Then after a week we went and brought him a duvet set, and we've never looked back since. He albsolutely loves his duvet and pillow, and has always slept so well with them. Sometimes when I go to check on him before bed the duvet may not quite be as tucked in as it was. But generally speaking it's always been in the same position and he now even pulls it right under his chin. The guidelines say not to use a pillow and duvet until they're 12 months, but for us it helped him sleep through his cold and he actually preferred it. I have friends now who's children are the same age as Arthur 26 months and their children still sleep with no pillow and in a sleeping bag. 

I guess it's what's works for your child and definitely a bit of trial and error. But I hope this post has made you realise there are lots of different options for keeping your babies warm at night, and that I'm sure every child will sleep different and want different covers.