My Second Birth Story

Firstly I'd just like to apologise for how long it's taken me to write this birth story. But we've been living in this newborn bubble and I've really struggled to find the time to write, but I'm back on it and have lots of blog posts now to right.

Albert Alexander Maurice Mills was born at 5:33pm on the 3rd June. He was 8 days late and weighed a whooping 9lbs 15oz.

So here's how the day started. By Saturday 3rd June I was 8 days late a completely fed up. When I woke up in the morning I felt like something was starting to happen, I was getting very slight contractors every 8-10 minutes apart. I ate my breakfast then decided to have a shower. By 9:00am I rang my mum and told her to come over, I'd put my TENS machine on and was just walking round the house. I was so worried that they were going to stop, that I didn't sit down or lie down I kept myself nice and activate.

At 9:30am, I rang the hospital and just told them how I was feeling. They said to come in when they were 5 minutes apart. So I put the phone down and took some paracetamol.

By 10:30am they coming around 5 minutes apart so we decided to head to the hospital. The midwife ran the birthing pool for me straight away and said she wasn't going to examine but was going to say I was still in the early stages of labour. But to just enjoy the warm water as pain relief.

I got in the water at 11:15am and the water was definitely helping with the pain straight away, I love hot baths, so for me birthing pools really help with the pain. I just controlling my contractions with breathing and the warm water defiantly helped.

By 12:15am my contractions were 4 minutes apart and I thought it was time I needed a bit of gas. I remember really clearly thinking the pain wasn't as bad as I'd remembered. Me and Jon were still talking and laughing in between contractions and I was thinking I was going to be here a while.

When I'm having a contraction I like to listen to someone's voice whether thats Jon or the midwife, I like to tune into someone's voice as a distracrion. So I kept just saying to Jon "make sure you talk to me while I'm having a contraction". For me this works really well but I think Jon found it a bit annoying by the end ha. I was birthing his baby though, it's not too much to ask. JUST TALK MAN HAHA.

At 2pm I got out of the water for a hour, walking around and getting on and off of the birth ball. I said to the midwife once I got out at 2pm, "at 3pm I'd like to be examined to see how I was getting on and that I'd then like to get back in the water". 

So she re-ran the bath and examined me at 3pm. I remember when I was out of the water the pain was so much worse, I felt like the contractions were coming much closer together and I knew things were really progressing. I remember every contractions gripping onto to Jon and moving side to side. He took the mick and said we were 'dancing'- not that funny at the time.

At 3pm I had my first examination and I was 7cm. She said to me I just needed my waters to go and things would really kick into gear. If you've read my birthing story with Arthur (here) you'll know that the midwife had to brake my waters just before I pushed with Arthur. So in my head I kept thinking my waters will not break on my own, you'll have to do. 

So I got back in the water at 3pm, then by 5pm I was getting loads of pressure and knew things were really close but I just needed my waters to go. So I asked if she could examine me and try and brake my waters. She said she'd have a look and "if she accidentally broke them it wouldn't be the end of the world". So I got out, she examined me, she could see I was 10cm and ready to push, so she gave the head a wip round and managed to break my waters. Hooray!!!

What she consequently told me after, was that I have hardly any water and she could only see a tiny bubble of water on top of the baby's head, so that's why there wasn't enough pressure for my waters to break by themselves. Usually there's loads on top of the baby's head, and when the baby moves down it makes them go. I have hardly any water so when the baby moved down the tiny but of water moved with him.

She told me the baby had lots of hair (just like Arthur) and if I wanted to have this baby in the water I needed to get straight back in the water and push. So I pushed for 1 contraction and his head was out. Then two contractions later he arrived! I couldn't believe it, I picked up my gorgeous boy out of the water and put him straight on my chest. He was just perfect! 

I was far more emotional this time then I was with Arthur. I'm not sure whether it's because I'd had a 36 hour labour with Arthur rather than an 8 hour labour with Albie so was far more switched on to what had actually just happened. Or because I now know the love of a child and knew how much I would love this little boy the minute I held him.

The cut the cord within in minutes and let Jon have skin on skin with him. While I then had to deliver the placenta, they waited for another contraction and I pushed for the plactena, it came in one go. With Arthur they gave the placenta a tug before it came out, this time the midwife just let it do its thing.

I then FaceTime my mum once he was born and she made her way to the hospital with Arthur, I'd dreamt of that moment my whole pregnancy Arthur meeting his baby brother. And it was just perfect. Arthur gave him a kiss on the head then just sprinted round the room and tried to push every button- typical toddler boy.

Jon then took Arthur for a walk while I got my two stitches, which I have to say hurt far more than they did with Arthur. With Arthur they made me feed him while I was having them done so I had a distraction. Whereas this time I was just on a bed, legs akimbo with gas and air in my hand. She couldn't numb the area correctly, so unfortunately I felt most of what she was doing, which was so painful. And possible the most painful part of the whole birth, because I'd had my baby, I just wanted to hold him and that be the end of it.

I'm going to do a separate post on the differences between my first and second birth. But the one thing I will say is Albie was 1 and a half lbs bigger than Arthur and I definitely felt it.

My two boys are such a joy. 6 weeks in you can see their bond forming so perfectly. Arthur wakes up every morning and asks for a cuddle with Albie. And Albie watches Arthur's every move- just adorable!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, it always makes me so emotional reliving it all again. Jon thankfully got the most incredible video of Albert being born, which I've watched several time since, it's just amazing what the body does.